—Arsene Muselier returns to his home village at the end of the First World War. His only injury is a head wound, which sometimes provokes periods of delirium and fury. As he renews his acquaintance with the people he left behind – his mother, the old farmhand who brought him up after his father’s death, his former girlfriend, and many others – he becomes fascinated by the legend of La Vouivre, a creature with the body of a woman who lives in the marsh, surrounded by vipers. One day, Arsene sees the strange woman – she is naked, beautiful, alluring, and he is instantly enchanted by her. Can she be real, or is she merely a creation of his damaged mind…?
—We thought he was dead, Arsene Muselier. Also, when in the summer of 1919, he returned to the village, it was a surprise. The first surprise is Requiem, the gravedigger, who lives with La Robidet, as drunk as he is. Little by little, Arsene resumes his habits on the family farm, with his mother, Louise, Victor, his brother, the old Urbain who raised him, “Weasel” which he protects, a “remained” of his age. Outside, the Mindeur are always angry with the Muselier, the eldest of the Mindeur, Germaine, always sleeps with everyone …
Soon, the village was in turmoil: Requiem saw La Vouivre. A kind of fairy, immortal, coming from the bottom of time, tells Urbain, who lives in the ponds, has for only clothing a diamond in necklace. Beware who wants to take it: the vipers of La Vouivre are watching. Arsene meets her in turn, a certain bond is born between them, La Vouivre obsesses her. But his head injury hurts him, “prepare to die well” said La Vouivre. So he violently rejects the priest and his warnings against the demon, comforts Requiem abandoned by La Robidet, builds a house for Urbain from which Louise and Victor wanted to part. But when Belette seizes the diamond, Arsene cannot save it: both die together under the bites of vipers. And La Vouivre disappears in the waters.

Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Year: 1989
Country: France
Genre: Drama, Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: French
Subtitles: French

Director: Georges Wilson
Studio: Gaumont, Gaumont Production, Cameras Continentales

Starring: Lambert Wilson, Jean Carmet, Suzanne Flon, Jacques Dufilho, Macha Meril, Kathy Kriegel, Jean-Jacques Moreau, Paola Lanzi, Laurence Treil, Bruno Abraham-Kremer, Michel Arroyo, Catherine Artigala, Jean-Pierre Dravel, Pierre Forest, Mireille Franchino

File Size: ~1700MB
Resolution: 720×576
Duration: 90 min
Format: mp4



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exhibition amateur

To pay off her father’s debts, Marie de Heredia marries the poet Henri de Regnier, but it is Pierre Louÿs whom she loves, a poet who is also an erotomaniac and a great traveler. It is with him that she will live an initiation to love and eroticism through the photographic and literary link that they invent together.

Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)


File Size: 854.97 MB

Duration: 1:45:15

Resolution: 720×368



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exhibition amateur
exhibition amateur
exhibition amateur

Agostina del Mar, Itzel Talavera, Carolina Torres, Fernanda Cuadra, Salma Monroy – Perversa tentaciСn (2019) HD 1080p.mp4

Duration: 0:21:03 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 770.23 MB

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There was a bunch of naked girls of all shapes and sizes in this female shower room, and hidden camera filmed them. I’d fuck them all, but if I had to pick one, it would be easy. That beauty with shaved pussy is my top sex candidate. Too bad she doesn’t know it.

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This was an unusally sweet catch in the gym locker room. This fitness girl would look hot even without any excersise yet she still made that butt even tighter and with a crazy good figure.

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This gorgeous teenage girl was in no hurry to leave the dressing room in a clothing store and I loved peeping at her in there. She was trying out some new clothes and I loved watching her firm young ass in a thong and all naked, as well as small natural tits while she was dressing and undressing.

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When a girl is this fit, it’s truly a pleasure to watch her try clothes through the eyes of a hidden camera. This unaware hottie tried out a whole bunch of different bras and she never realized that her lovely tits, firm body and gorgeous smooth pussy were all caught on voyeur video.

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