With the intention to break free from the strict familial restrictions, a suicidal young woman sets up a marriage of convenience with a forty-year-old addict, an act that will lead to an outburst of envious love.

Directed by
Fatih Akin Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Fatih Akin … (book)Cast (in credits order)
Birol Ünel Birol Ünel … Cahit
Güven Kiraç Güven Kiraç … Seref
Zarah Jane McKenzie Zarah Jane McKenzie … Barfrau in der Fabrik (as Zarah McKenzie)
Stefan Gebelhoff Stefan Gebelhoff … Nico
Catrin Striebeck Catrin Striebeck … Maren
Francesco Fiannaca Francesco Fiannaca … Mann am Tresen
Mona Mur Mona Mur … Stammkundin Zoe Bar
Sibel Kekilli Sibel Kekilli … Sibel
Ralph Misske Ralph Misske … Patient 1 (Psychiatrie)
Philipp Baltus Philipp Baltus … Patient 2 (Psychiatrie)

Duration: 3:01:53
Resolution: 1920×1024
Format: mp4
Size: 1.94 GB





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exhibition amateur

Recalling memories of a friend who committed suicide, three lovers slowly slide into an anguish labyrinth of desire, loss and longing. They entangle in a colliding maze of forsaken loves, failed expectations and imperfect anticipations. A disintegrating web arises in which love exists, but as dispassionate yearning. Here affection is an indifferent desire that burns the soul to death.

Ashish Avikunthak
Ashish Avikunthak
Prakriti Dutta MukherjeeSagnik MukherjeeDebleena Sen


File Size: 2.73 GB

Duration: 1:30:40

Resolution: 1998×1080




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exhibition amateur

Description: Three young girls and three young boys meet each other first time and get together in one room one night. They talk about sex, their sexual experiences, fantasies, play spin the bottle, play childish games – have dinner. a lot of sensuality and much to discover. A film that shows how bodies and minds might meet, when allowed to.

Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Directed by: Maike Brochhaus

Stars: Alice, Franzi, Jenz

Language: German | Subtitles: English (hard)

Country: Germany | Imdb Info | Ar: 16:9 | Webrip

Also known as: Snacks

2.25GB | 75:04mins | 1280×720 | mkv





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exhibition amateur

Husband is getting ready to go to the office, Wife says she feels bored to be alone at home. Husband says he will let his office colleague and his future wife stay at home. Then the wife will not be alone at home. In the evening husbands office colleague and his future wife came and they all talked together. Then the office colleague and his future wife entered their bedroom and started doing romance. Wife stands outside their door and hears that they are romancing.

Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Kalank Gupchup (2020)
Full Name: Kalank
Language: Hindi
Released Year: 2020
Quality: 480p | 720p
Source: WEB-DL
Genre: Drama, Erotic
Cast : Soniya | Priyanka | Gourav | Prashant

Duration: 1:55:24
Resolution: 1920×990
Format: mp4
Size: 6.82 GB




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exhibition amateur

Audra’s graduation gift is her dream house, but it soon becomes a living nightmare when some uninvited guests come to her homecoming party who aren’t very subtle about the fact they don’t approve of the home’s new owner.

Directed by
Steve Wolsh Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Steve Wolsh Cast
Arielle Raycene Arielle Raycene … Audra Bucklebee
Kane Hodder Kane Hodder … Goatface
Ellie Gonsalves Ellie Gonsalves … Missy Becks
Danielle Mathers Danielle Mathers … Haley Bucklebee-Saint
Brianna Kellum Brianna Kellum … Peyton Parks
Monica Sims Monica Sims … Reese Knox
Amberleigh West Amberleigh West … Autumn Applebaum
Skyler Seymour Skyler Seymour … Devon Bruce

Duration: 1:39:13
Resolution: 1920×796
Format: mp4
Size: 1.83 GB




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exhibition amateur

Johnny and Clyde are two serial killers who are madly in love and on an endless crime spree. They have their sights set on robbing a prosperous casino – owned by crime boss Alana and guarded by a demonic slayer that she commands.

Directed by
Tom DeNucci Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Tom DeNucci
Nick Principe Cast
Megan Fox Megan Fox … Alana Hart
Vanessa Angel Vanessa Angel … Susan
Bai Ling Bai Ling … Zhang
Avan Jogia Avan Jogia … Johnny
Robert LaSardo Robert LaSardo … Candlestick
Bonnie Discepolo Bonnie Discepolo … Auctionair (as Bonnie Ryan)
Tyson Ritter Tyson Ritter … Vince
Brett Azar Brett Azar … Honey
Ava Gaudet Ava Gaudet … Reporter #2

Duration: 1:40:21
Resolution: 1920×800
Format: mp4
Size: 1.85 GB





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exhibition amateur

Description: The story of Lucie, a girl who wakes up at a hotel room naked, and alone. She had spent the night drinking with friends, but her memory is playing a dangerous game she simply cant seem to remember how.

Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Directed by: Ovidie

Stars: Rick Angel, Lucie Blush, Jean Diana

Language: French | Subtitles: English (hard)

Country: France | Imdb Info | Ar: 16:9 | Webrip

Also known as: Une nuit sans fin

1.99GB | 68:27mins | 1920×1080 | mkv




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exhibition amateur

In San Francisco, there is an apartment known to only a few. If you have the key, a new world of sexuality is open to you – but there are some rules.

Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Directed by
Shine Louise Houston Cast
Syd Blakovich Syd Blakovich … Shawn
Papi Coxx Papi Coxx … Papí Coxxx
Jo Jo … Jo
Jiz Lee Jiz Lee
Dylan Ryan Dylan Ryan … Dylan Ryan
Dusty Ryder Dusty Ryder … Dusty Ryder
Roxie Ryder Roxie Ryder … Roxie Ryder


Directed by: Shine Louise Houston

Stars: Syd Blakovich, Papi Coxx, Jo

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.731 | Dvdrip

Description: In San Francisco, there is an apartment known to only a few. If you have the key, a new world of sexuality is open to you – but there are some rules.

577MB | 56:32mins | 720×416 | avi




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exhibition amateur

In Skoddeheimen, Norway, 15-year-old Alma is consumed by her hormones and fantasies that range from sweetly romantic images of Artur, the boyfriend she yearns for, to daydreams about practically everybody she lays eyes on.

Альме 15 лет, ее самые «заводные» годы проходят в захолустном норвежском городке. Здесь тишина, покой и овечки на лугах — кошмар для барышни с чрезвычайно развитым воображением и непрекращающимся гормональным взрывом! Неудивительно, что Альма полностью погрузилась в эротические мечты, подогреваемые телефонной службой «Дикие и горячие фантазии». И только мама возвращает Альму к реальности, когда видит счета за «секс по телефону»!

Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Название: То, что её заводит
Оригинальное название: Fa meg pa, for faen / Turn Me On, Dammit!
Год выхода: 2011
Жанр: Комедия, Эротика
Продолжительность: 01;12;33
Выпущено: Норвегия
Языки: 1. Русский | 2. Норвежский
Перевод: Профессиональный (многоголосый закадровый)
Субтитры ВШИТЫЕ: Английские
Режиссер: Яннике Систад Якобсен / Jannicke Systad Jacobsen
В ролях: Helene Bergsholm, Malin Bjørhovde, Henriette Steenstrup

Тех. Данные
Качество: BDRip
Видео: MKV, AVC, H.264, 800×432, 1002 kb/s
Аудио: 1. RUS. (AAC, 2 ch, 128 kb/s) | 2. NOR. (AAC, 2 ch, 128 kb/s)
Размер: 652 MB




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exhibition amateur

Description: 18-year old Christian has just graduated from high school. At his summer job he is seduced by the 36-year old single mother Sanne. Soon he is drawn into a world of sensuality and his acquaintance with Sanne turns into an intense love affair which forces Christian to deal with his newly discovered sides.

Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Directed by: Peter Gantzler

Stars: Sebastian Jessen, Marie Louise Wille, Helle Merete Sørensen

Language: Danish | Subtitles: English, Danish (embed)

Country: Denmark | Imdb Info | Ar: 16:9 | Dvdrip

Also known as: Dreng

1.46GB | 90:19mins | 1024×576 | mkv



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