Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Title: Clip
Year: 2012
Original title: Klip
Runtime: 1 hour, 38 minutes
Country: Serbia
Language: Serbian
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama

Director: Maja Milos

Isidora Simijonovic … Jasna
Vukasin Jasnic … Djordje Djole Tosic
Dimitrije Arandjelovic … Decko koga ubacuju u kontejner
Nikola Dragutinovic … Shone
Vladimir Gvojic … Crni
Sonja Janicic … Sanja
Jovo Maksic … Otac
Zoran Maksimovic … Klavijaturista
Sanja Mikitisin … Majka
Katarina Pesic … Ivana
Monja Savic … Marija
Jovana Stojiljkovic … Tanja

Plot / Synopsis

Clip is not another ‘coming-of-age’ story about the complexities of adolescence. Miloš has made an honest and non-judgmental portrait of teenagers caught in sexual and social turmoil. Sexually explicit and emotionally disturbing, it goes beyond borders and even further. Jasna is a beautiful girl in her mid-teens. Disillusioned by her life in a remote Serbian town with a dispirited mother and terminally ill father, she opposes everyone, including herself, and goes wild, experimenting with sex, drugs and simply killing time. But gradually, this desperate protest helps her come to terms with painful reality. In her first feature, Maja Miloš (1983) explores the disturbing state of adolescence as bravely and honestly as her protagonist explores herself. Isidora Simijonovic, also a debutant, gives a striking and fearless performance full of contrasts. Together they create a highly dynamic and vibrant portrait of wasted youth lost in the search for identity. Miloš sets this ‘classical’ coming-of-age story in the world of contemporary teenagers obsessed with pornographic images, virtual reality and soft violence, meanwhile exploring the blurring boundaries between sex and affection, simple pleasures and true love, brutality and tenderness. Above all, Clip examines the shifting family and social values in present-day Serbia, where the generation gaps are extreme, placing everyone between disintegrating traditions and uncertain contemporary morality.

Size:1893.26 mb

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Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Тех. Данные
Видео: DVDRip, MKV, AVC, H.264, 720×400, 1027 kb/s
Аудио: 1. ENG. (AAC, 2 ch, 128 kb/s) | 2. RUS. (AAC, 2 ch, 128 kb/s) | 3. FRE. (AAC, 2 ch, 128 kb/s)
Размер: 994 MB

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Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Название: Антарес
Оригинальное название: Antares
Год выхода: 2004
Жанр: Драма, Эротика
Продолжительность: 01;54;50
Производство: Австрия
Перевод: Любительский (одноголосый)
Субтитры: Английские хардсабы
Другие Субтитры: ЗДЕСЬ
Режиссер: Гётц Шпильманн / Gotz Spielmann
В ролях: Petra Morze, Andreas Patton, Hary Prinz…

Фильм-переплетение судеб трех семейных пар на протяжении трех невероятных дней. Все они живут в обычной блочной многоэтажке на окраине большого города и практически не знакомы между собой – но все ищут любви, близости и участия. Алекс и Николь в разводе, но их по-прежнему тянет друг к другу. Соня дико ревнует своего мужа-югослава Марко. Ева, верная жена и любящая мать, видит, как ее жизнь рушится в одно мгновенье. Фильм наполнен откровенной эротикой и тонким психологизмом в прорисовке отношений в сегодняшнем мире.

A devastating car accident forces a nurse, a supermarket checkout girl, and a high-strung real-estate agent to come to terms with their true longings and needs while searching for love and human contact in Austrian filmmaker Götz Spielmann’s stark and sexual drama. Though their lives couldn’t be more different, it only takes one act of sudden and unexpected tragedy to bring three lost souls into contact and forever alter the course of their lives. Over the next three days, each of these previously unconnected individuals will learn not only the value of time, but the true motivations that drive them and the effects that their actions can have even on those they might have never considered.

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Directed by:  Barbara Bialowas

Stars: Aleksandra Hamkalo, Antoni Pawlicki and Robert Gonera

Language:  Polish | Subtitles: English

Country:  Poland |  Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Description:  Young girl meets an older boy . He introduces her to the world of passion and rebellion against conservative values. She begins to discover herself and gradually moves up from her beloved

701mb | 96mins | 624×336 | avi

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Cast: Bertoulle Beaurebec, Bishop Black, Anya Ivy, Daisy Ducati, Kenneth Play, Blake Wilde, Viktoria Vaar, Reed, Kali Sudhra, Finn Peaks, Jiz Lee, Katana, Master Aaron
Director: Erika Lust, Florence Barkway & Reed Amber, Sally Fenaux, Julia Schoenstaedt, Giulia Mucci, Ron Rex, Brittany Franklin
Description: Erika Lust Films presents XConfessions Volume 21, a boundary pushing collection of short films that will transport you to new dimensions and take you back to old times. The volume includes six films from six directors and shows a whole range of erotica from horror to romance, and documentary to fantasy. As always, each movie is a sensual experience that pushes against the rules of adult cinema and celebrates the diversity of human desire.This volume includes:Tips & Tricks for Lickin Clits Another Sex Dimension 1953 The Fog Ignite BPFF Volunteers Wanted

Duration: 00:26:46 / 00:19:30 / 00:20:15 / 00:13:49 / 00:16:22 / 01:10:44
Filesize: 1.06 GB / 791 MB / 819 MB / 560 MB / 660 MB / 2.80 GB
Format: MPEG-4 | Video: AVC, 1920×1080 (16:9), 24.000 fps, ~5 500 Kbps avg, 0.111 bit/pixel
Audio: 48.0 KHz, AAC LC, 2 ch, ~144 Kbps

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Director: Erika Lust, Nikki St. Sasse, Charlie Benedetti, Montiel, Maximus Skaff
Description: Let your imagination run wild with XConfessions Vol. 20. Six of the newest erotic films on XConfessions will take your sexual pleasure to all new heights. A passionate threesome fantasy in a neon jungle world; a queer remake on the popular car mechanic trope; an Italian drama about the hot intensity of breakup sex; a sexy spin on a traditional party game that no attendee wants to be left out of, and so much more!

Duration: 00:15:45 / 00:34:10 / 00:23:29 / 00:12:27 / 00:17:25 / 00:25:39
Filesize: 639 MB / 1.35 GB / 949 MB / 504 MB / 705 MB / 1.02 GB
Format: MPEG-4 | Video: AVC, 1920×1080 (16:9), 24.000 fps, ~5 500 Kbps avg, 0.111 bit/pixel

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Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Juggling the sudden abduction of her childhood sweetheart as well as a blooming love affair, a French Manhattanite makes her way as an artist in an indifferent, sometimes hostile world.

Size:1549.76 mb[YTS.MX].mp4.html

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Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Dreams of fame take Diana from Madrid to Hollywood. She seems to be on the right path when a powerful agent notices her, but he only wants someone for a sham marriage with a secretly gay star.

Size:1200 mb

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Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

  • Kaisu, an office employee, who was raped-by-mother’s-boyfriend many times and “S” a boy, who is sexually abused by his young mother meet in a chat room on the internet. It starts with some innocent flirting, but soon they end up in a master-slave relationship, where the boy gives the assignments and the girl performs them. Some time later they meet each other in real life and the games are no longer so innocent.

Size:2762.86 mb[HR]_花鳥籠_(2013)_The_Caged_Flower[BluRay_1080p_x265]_~GodZilla.mkv.html

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