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Choreographer : Laetitia Arnaud
Dancers : Aurélien Bednarek, Kevin Franc, Clara Protar and Pauline Sarrazin.
Original Music by Julien Arnaud
Ligthing designer : Benjamin Croizy
Video : Pablo Protar
Place : La Bergerie de Soffin

Project note in English, the French version is just after.
“Extinction des Feux” is a choreographic creation dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, and turning it into a reflection on the complexity of the human being and on the relationship between the body and the mind during a degenerative process. In order to express this pain, four dancers will meet through a moving scenography, where lightwork and music will be the predominant tools used to develop the subject and highlight the distortion of the bodies.
Because that is the genuine topic: the deterioration of the brain and of the bodies; a gradual and irreversible disintegration; a fading memory that emphasizes the necessity of remembering the whole human being before the mind was struck by the illness.

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with Eva Borrmann
Akademie Galerie Nürnberg

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In the last major struggles within capitalist democracies, dance has taken a firm place as a form of demonstration. Be it the “Standing Man” in Gezi Park, yoga sessions during Occupy or the dancers of the Egyptian National Ballet, dance expression has always proven to be a tried and tested means of peaceful protest. “Embodied protest” and “protest choreographies” have therefore long been part of a new self-image of contemporary dance practitioners. “Radical Cheerleading” is one of these forms of expression, which is used in various contexts. It was developed by queer feminist activists in the 1990s.

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‘comunicado extraterrestre’ – a photo from the performance that took place in Barcelona after the state of alarm is the cover of @cap74024 feat. MUGLER by Casey Cadwallader @cadwallader / fashion @stephaniayepes hmu @gloriaricoo and @marionabotella production @mgaminde set @teresamontanuy light @fran___rios ♾ gracias to every human involved ::: soon sharing the full material with the world *** 🌎
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I guess it’s true what they say, that true art is borderline to insanity. I was watching this crazy hippie chick do her art performance on the street and I didn’t understand anything. What I did understand is that she got a banging naked body and that I would gladly fuck her.

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