XConfessions Volume 1 by Erika Lust by Erika Lust
Want to know how it feels to watch your sexual fantasies acted out in an adult movie? Erika Lust started XConfessions to do just that! Part of an ongoing project, XConfessions volume 1 showcases 10 explicit short films with Erika Lust’s trademark cinematic style, indie performers and authentic stories created by you, the public. Whether you’re thinking about group sex, role-play, bondage, or erotic games, this compilation has something for you.


Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)



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XConfessions Volume 2 by Erika Lust by Erika Lust
XConfessions volume 2 is here with a second compilation of erotic short films adapted from your anonymous confessions and brought to life by indie adult director Erika Lust. Part of an ongoing series, this collection feature 10 original stories ranging from spanking to foot fetishes, threesomes and voyeurism. Once again, pushing the boundaries of adult cinema, Erika Lust uses captivating characters, cinematic values, erotic sex, and titillating themes to ensure you’ll never think about porn in the same way again.


Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)



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Scorpio Season by Casey Calvert
Your wet dream is here: an orgy in the rain directed by Casey Calvert for XConfessions. Intense, direct, and fearless, Scorpios are widely regarded as the most passionate lovers, and when Scorpio Season arrives everything is intensified. Alexis Tae takes a break from a party outside in the rain, and her sexual fantasy comes alive before her eyes. Starring porn performers Maya Woulfe, Dante Colle, Codey Steele, Alexis Tae, Vanessa Vega, Karla Lane, Freya Parker and Dillon Diaz – this orgy porn movie will show you that wetter is always better.


File Size: 1.75 GB

Duration: 0:24:09

Resolution: 1920×1080



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Cosmic Connections by Regan Humphrey
Funny and romantic, Cosmic Connections takes the movie trope of someone living the same day over and over, and gives it a sexy twist. Starring Ana Foxxx and her high school crush Michael Vegas, this is Groundhog Day meets Russian Doll… but spiced up into a sexy indie porn film. Directed by first time XConfessions director Regan Humphrey, watch as Ana tries to work out how to escape her time loop with a helping hand from Michael.


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Duration: 0:28:54

Resolution: 1920×1080



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Eau de Pussy by American Puppy
Do you like watching perfume adverts? All those sensual touches and lingering looks… what happens once the camera stops rolling? Now you can find out as Alina Alie, Skye Blue and Odette take you on a sensual journey into their hazy world of perfume.

eau de pussy.mp4

File Size: 655.15 MB

Duration: 0:16:38

Resolution: 1920×1080



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Let Me Sit on Thy Face Б─■ XConfessions.mp4

File Size: 655.63 MB

Duration: 0:16:10

Resolution: 1920×1080




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