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Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Titles: XConfessions Vol.18
Year: 2019
Categories: Feature All Sex Compilations
Runtime: 01;48;17
Countries: Spain
Languages: English
MOVIE TRAILER: XConfessions Vol.18 (2019)
Directors: Anxos Efe, Nina Sever, Erika Lust, Kitty Drake, Ellen Pearson, Poppy Sanchez
Cast: Iana Bet, Marc Moratto, Bonni Belle, Caroline Flores, Romeo, Viktoria Vaar, Em, Maisy, Le Roy, Lina Bembe, Mitsuki Sweet, Romy Furie, Parker Marx, Lemon

Teasing, fucking and making porn on one of Spain’s dreamy beaches in “Analoxica”.*In “Coffee with Pleasure” a young woman gives in to her feelings for her boyfriend sexy roomate, combines intimate feelings and passion with authentic lesbian erotica. “Dirty Laundry” is a smart remake of the “Laundromat liaisons trope” with this visually stunning, erotic and artistic film, this is adult cinema unlike anything you’ve seen before.”The Riding Lesson”, a coming of age romance film where a woman discovers confusing feelings for her best friend. And “Tease Cake” and “Music in Mi” – from Berlin-based, legendary director Poppy Sanchez.

Movie List:
“Coffee with Pleasure”.
“Dirty Laundry”.
“The Riding Lesson”.
“Tease Cake”.
“Music in Me”.



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Titles: XConfessions Vol.16
Year: 2018
Categories: Feature All Sex Compilations
Runtime: 01;44;32
Countries: Spain
Languages: English
Directors: Erika Lust, Mezzi, Daniella Vale, Montiel, Maximus Skaff
Cast: Heidi Switch, Romeo, Bel Gris, Maria Agrado, Gabe Tonic, Jay Smooth, Tourma Selene, John & Annie, Natalia Portnoy, Marc Morato, Kaya Lin, Viktor Belmont

XConfessions Volume 16 has landed and it includes 6 newly released movies from the award winning XConfessions series all in one digital download. And on top of that, one of the shorts is an unseen exclusive! Everything from romance and comedy, ballerinas gone wild in a New York ballet studio to an intimate sex documentary about the importance of a fulfilling and nourishing love life regardless of age…

Movie List:
“His Funeral”.
“Heidi & the Dough Boys”.
“Into the Flesh”.
“Underneath Their Nylon Leotards”.
“Objectify Me”.
“Soulsex with John & Annie”.



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Titles: XConfessions Vol.15
Year: 2018
Categories: Feature All Sex Compilations
FULL Runtime: 02;06;47
Countries: Spain
Languages: English, Portuguese (“A Mudanca”), German (“The Bike Club”)
Directors: Erika Lust, Bruce LaBruce, Poppy Sanchez, Denise Kelm, Goodyn Green
Cast: Romeo, Cara Vega, Jaspe Antares, Lui Castanho, Maria Riot, Dante Dionys, Finn Peaks, Le Roy, Bishop Black, Jasko Fide, Cintia Shapiro, Sylvan, Hunter S Johnson, Valentin Braun, Natalia Portnoy

Volume 15 includes 6 new adult films, featuring a polyamorous love story in a dystopian country, a sexy lunch break in a moving truck, an old flame between ex lovers that refuses to die, an orgy in a bike shop and much more. Along with two new movies directed by Erika Lust we have 4 brilliant Guest Directors showcasing their vision of eroticism and sensuality, shot around the globe, from Barcelona to Florianopolis in Brasil!

Movie List:
“Speedos Cleptomaniac”.
“A Mudanca”.
“The Bike Club”.
“Men In Kilts”.
“An Illicit Affair”.
“Valentin Pierre & Catalina”.



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Titles: XConfessions Vol.14
Year: 2018
Categories: Feature All Sex Compilations
FULL Runtime: 01;55;04
Countries: Spain
Languages: English, German, Spanish
EMBEDDED Subtitles: English (“Pure black rabbit”)
Directors: Erika Lust, Black Rabbit, Montiel, Karis, Bruce LaBruce
Cast: Kali Sudhra, Dante Dionys, Kate Marell, Christian Hengst, Candy Flip, AJ, Daisy Steel, Rooster, Heidi Switch, Sylvan, Moth, Rust, Caoemi, Valentin Braun.

With 4 new guest directors and 6 brand new XConfessions short films, Volume 14 is full of surprises. It features sex with a complete stranger in a techno club filmed by Berlin resident Greta Isabella Conte, legendary gay porn director Bruce LaBruce returns to XConfessions with ‘Scotch Egg’ and a lot of black leather, KARIS debuts with a voyeuristic menage a trois called ‘Don’t Touch The Art Touch Me’ and Montiel brings us ‘Amateur Tapes’. Further, Erika Lust collaborated with the mysterious artist Apollonia Saintclair and directed an ode to erotic art with ‘Ink Is My Blood’. On top of that, Erika Lust herself will start contributing 2 movies for every volume from now on and to get the party started, she throws ‘Gender Bender’ into the ring, a beautifully shot black and white movie about the celebration of gender diversity.

Movie List:
“Gender blender”.
“Ink is my blood”.
“Pure black rabbit”.
“Don’t touch the art…touch me”.
“Scotch egg”.
“The amateur tapes”.



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Titles: XConfessions Vol.13
Year: 2018
Categories: Feature, Big tits, Cunnilingus, Bisexual, Voyeur, Masturbation, Trimmed, Orgasm, Interracial, Cumshot, Lesbian
FULL Runtime: 01;49;20
Countries: Spain
Languages: English, Spanish
Directors: Erika Lust, Laura Ramo, Luna Kuu, Martin Jager, Terri Heart, Nuria Nia
Cast: Bishop Black, Lucy Huxley, Moth & Rust, Maria Riot, Dante Dionys, Vera M, Emihurts, Viktoria Vaar, Sweet James, Daisy Steel, Stirling Cooper.

Lucky number 13 has hit the shelves, and it’s a volume that will not disappoint! Erika Lust’s award-winning XConfessions series has reached it’s 13th volume, collating in chronological order the latest (and a couple of as yet unreleased) films. Crawling, stomping, dancing and fucking in the mud is the order of the day from returning Guest Director Nuria Nia in “Mud Dance”, featuring Bishop Black and Lucy Huxley. In “Sex Work is Work Parts 1 and 2” Erika Lust confronts, head on, the dichotomy of stigma and power that all sex workers face. Lust combines intimate, complex interviews with her performers, alongside a full length real cam session with American cammers Moth & Rust, and a documentary following Maria Riot as she hires Dante Dionys as an escort. “Frostbite” includes three brand new directors all the way from Finland. With a visually stunning, erotic, artistic and totally unique film, this is adult cinema unlike anything you’ve seen before. “Tinder Taxi” comes from another returning Guest Director, Sally Fenaux Barleycorn, a sci-fi fantasy film where a woman desires leaving the world of dating apps behind to find real passion with a stranger; and “Pirate Jenny Strikes Again!” from British director Terri Heart.



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Titles: XConfessions Vol.11
Year: 2017
Categories: Couples, Amateur, Fantasy, Feature, Voyeurism, Fetish, Bondage, Bisexuals, For Women, Interracial
Runtime: 01;49;27
Countries: Spain
Languages: English, Spanish
Directors: Erika Lust, Olympe de G., Carolina Wallace & Nuria Monferrer, Goodyn Green
Cast: Rooster, Bishop Black, Heidi Switch, Ramon nomar, Katana, Parker Marx, Monica Ox, Ze Royal, Jasko Fide, Eris Amber, Kali Sudhra, Manon Praline, Sadie Lune, Candy Flip, Finn Peaks, Peach Lowe, Theo Meow, Jesse Stryder

Erika Lust’s prolific, award-winning series is back with Volume 11! This time featuring 6 films, four of which are directed by female Guest Directors, but produced by Erika herself. XC Vol. 11 features XC’s first Trans performer in the orgy film “We Are the Fucking World” – a celebration of diversity, fluidity and exploration. Each performer chose to donate half of their fee to Amnesty International – and this amount was matched by Erika, raising a total of €5,000! The collection also features stranger, lesbian sex in a Berlin club scene; a romance novel turns into reality for one lucky woman; and an homage to our sex organs from the ever talented Olympe de. G!

Movie List:
Don’t Call Me a Dick.
My Abduction Fantasy.
Sex and Sensibility.
The Toilet Line.
Tie Me Up! A Shibari Documentary.
We Are the Fucking World.



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Titles: XConfessions Vol.10
Year: 2017
Categories: Couples, Amateur, Fantasy, Feature, Voyeurism, Fetish, Bondage, Bisexuals, For Women, Interracial
FULL Runtime: 02;24;43
Countries: Spain
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian (english subtitled)
Directors: Erika Lust
Cast: Noir, Daryl, Luna Corazon, Maximilian Gambero, Lina Bembe, Parker Marx, Jean Jumel, Ramon Nomar, Magena Yama, Bishop Black, Kali Sudhra, Jan, Rooster, Olympe de G., Katana, Jowy, Eze, Dinah Sap, Jan Ehret

Volume 10 features ten adult films, featuring a bisexual foursome, a male stripper, a science-fiction dystopia and so much more. Plus, 6 female Guest Directors showcasing diversity, artistry and imagination, produced by Erika Lust and shot around the globe, from London to Girona. Every film released from XConfessions is based on an anonymous sexual fantasy submitted to Erika Lust’s site. Exploring real people’s real fantasies and desires, Erika Lust has shattered stigmas and stereotypes through 100 films to reach Volume 10.



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