When you see these two nudist girls enjoying a swim in the ocean, you’ll feel like you’re in some kind of wonderland where people live naked and free, and you’ll have a big desire to join them for a nice skinny dip. Girls are rolling around and diving in the water and you’ll see their naked asses when they do so, as well as full frontal nudity when they start to walk out of the water.

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Whenever I exercise in the gym, I’m on the lookout for hot girls around me. Today I saw this stunning fit chick with her ass packed in tight red leggings. Those butt cheeks looked so firm that she could crush nuts with them if needed.

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Voyeur is pretending to be just a fellow nudist that happens to be standing near them on the beach, and in reality, he is recording them with his candid camera. These two naked girls are the hottest duo on the beach, with hot asses and lovely shaved pussies.

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These fellas sure found some awesome girls to party with on the boat. All the girls are total sluts and they love showing off in front of the camera. You’ll see them happily flash pussy and even finger it for the cameraman and a few of them even move the bikini to the side to reveal naked ass and simulate sex by moving back and forth. I believe they all had an orgy later during the day.

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exhibition amateur

These two nudist friends got awesome pairs of tits, one inflated and one deflated, so to say. Brunette got the firm bigger ones while her blonde friend got a bigger, more deflated looking ones. Beach voyeur is mostly peeping on the brunette one, while she smokes a cigarette, but he gladly switches to the blonde when she walks out of the water, fully nude and exposed.

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exhibition amateur

You’ll notice that this teen hottie is trying to be discreet while she changes into her bikini, but then she decides she’ll rather do it quickly and shamelessly, in hope that no one will see her lovely pussy. Well, voyeur saw it and made a video of how nice her shaved pussy looks, along with that sexy tattoo above it.


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Well, there is only one memorable person in this sneaky video of a few naturist people enjoying their time outside and a shower under a tiny waterfall. You’ll recognize that person, just look for a sexy small butt.

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Extension: mp4
Duration: 00:02:00
Resolution: 1280×720
Name: bh_15269



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Seems this guy likes boats and he talked his girlfriend into sex on the open sea. First she poses for him fully naked on the boat and then he fucks her good. She even lets him jerk off on her face. Very sexy vacation.


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Here is a honey that is really happy to enjoy the beach during her tropical vacation. She is so happy that she is doing a naked dance while her sugar daddy is recording her. When you see her amazing body, hairless pussy and hot tits, you’ll understand why it is money well spent to travel with her.


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Tits of this woman are probably the nicest low hanging pair I ever saw on a beach. Her big natural breasts hang down low and she even gets fully naked to sunbathe on this nudist friendly beach. Her entire body is hot as fuck and her boyfriend is constantly around her. That doesn’t stop a real voyeur.

Size: 139,8 MB
Name: bh_14572
Extension: mp4
Duration: 00:03:00
Resolution: 1280×720
Name: bh_14572



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