Picture of Beauty (2017)

Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Plot :

A romantic drama… under this category, the film is presented, although I have not seen much in romance and the drama is not at all. This is an erotic movie, a clean softporn. A lesbian scene is waiting for you, some bindings or maybe slow-motion and close-ups on the naked body of the girls. The characters often whisper to each other, and the audience can hear nothing but music, which did not bother me at first, but when they started talking more, my opinion turned 180 degrees. The story is exactly what you would expect. Only handsome ladies and bearable footage are added to the rating.

Director : Maxim Ford

Production Co : Maxim Ford

Country : UK

Genre : Drama Romance

Year : 2017

Resolution : 1080p  (1920×1080)

Type : mkv

Duration : 01:10:13

Size : 1.02 GB