Frida Professione Manager (2000)

Directed by: Ralph Brown

Stars: Daniela Mango, Francesco Madonna, Gaetano Cimarosa

Language: Italian | Subtitles: English [srt]

Ty ripper:na | Country: Italy |  Vhsrip

Also known as: Frida: Professional Manager

DescriptionFrida loves Veio, Veio loves Frida. She is a civil engineer employed in housing construction. He is a floriculturist and has a depth passion for flowers. Although their characters clash consultantly, their love seems to overcome all obstacles. Then the conflict becomes the order of the day and their love passes from burning desire to cold resentment. Veio plays an evil pratical joke, pretending he has a mistress, who is actually an inflatable doll. Frida is consumed by jealousy. Then on wave of torn love she is swept into a new world where she rediscovers the joy of life and love.

1.46GB | 110:25mins | 496×320 | avi

frida_professione_manager frida_professione_manager_2000

1.46GB | 110:25mins | 496×320 | avi