Diary Of Beloved Wife Saucepot (2006)

Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English [srt]

Country: Japan | asianwiki | Dvdrip

Description: Junko and Kohei were each other’s first relationship, and got married. A white apartment, a white blouse, and white underwear; their relationship was pure. But then Junko put on conspicuous lingerie and a black dress, and went to attend a class reunion. Suspicious, Kohei followed behind her until she disappeared into a hotel with Okada, a former junior high school classmate. Kohei had learned from his mother to obsessively despise `filth,’ and vowed to make Junko utterly filthy. So, he presented his own wife to a gang rape club.

750mb | 67:28mins | 704×400 | avi

diary_of_beloved_wife_saucepot diary_of_beloved_wife_saucepot_2006

750mb | 67:28mins | 704×400 | avi