Directed by: Josué Méndez

Actors: Maricielo Effio, Sergio Gjurinovic and Edgar Saba

Language:  Spanish | Subtitles:  English

Country: Spain |  Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Also known as: Dioses

Description:  Twenty-something Andrea was born and raised in a wealthy family, but she’s begun to earn riches of her own as a successful fashion model. Andrea is more concerned with nightlife and hanging out with the right people than her career, but she’s becoming famous enough to scandalize her father Agustin, a socialite who is more worried about what people think about him than the welfare of his children. Agustin, however, isn’t very good at following his own advice — he’s living with his latest paramour, Elisa, a coarse but beautiful woman from a poor family who is young enough to be his daughter. And as Andrea does battle with Elisa over Agustin’s loyalties, Andrea’s teenaged brother Diego is wrestling with his incestuous desires for his sister.

1.26Gb | 91mins | 796×480 | avi

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1.26Gb | 91mins | 796×480 | avi