Directed by: Tom Lazarus

Stars:  Catalina Martone, Jim Tin, Kevin Bravo, April Flowers

Language: English

Country:  Usa |  Imdb Info  |  Tech Info | Dvdrip

Description: When a researcher gets drawn into the seedy world of voyeurism after she pleads to do a study on the subject, she gets more than she bargained for as some of the people she chooses to interview on the subject matter get to her.

1.34gb | 96mins | 640×480 | avi

voyeur-confessions-cap voyeur-confessions

1.34gb | 96mins | 640×480 | avi

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exhibition amateur

Directed by: Frederick Morehouse

Stars: Juliana Kinkaid, April Flowers, Holly Hollywood, Mary Carey

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Also known as: The New Girl, Jet Set Swingers

Description: Arielle arrives at the Hollywood home and lust-nest of beautiful cousin Tracy Henderson (Diana Espen, aka April Flowers), and Tracy introduces her to the local modeling scene, temperamental photographer Scardino (John Castine), and handsome, cocky model Lance (Glen Meadows). Lance arouses Arielle’s attention, but international intrigue and espionage worries arise to threaten these cozy affairs, and pretty Arielle must balance her lust-life with national security concerns.

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model_lust model_lust_2003

984MB | 83:22mins | 624×480 | avi