Directed by: Jay Robie

Stars: Steve Crest, Isabella Sky, Reena Sky, Melessia Hayden

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Description: Carrie (Isabella Sky) recruits classmates Megan and Kyle (Reena Sky and Rocco Reed) to participate in their professor’s “dream experiments” where you can actually have sex with each other free from the actual physicality, allowed to experience pleasure within a make-believe world where boundaries are absent. Professor Max (Jack Lawrence) actually uses his creation to seduce his female students and manipulate them through cunning means, even causing disruption between Kyle and his lover, Amber (Melessia Hayden). Max uses Carrie, who voluntarily becomes his lover, to bring him fresh female subjects to fulfill his personal desires sexually.

1.13Gb | 80:22mins | 854×480 | mp4

dark_fantasies dark_fantasies_2010

1.13Gb | 80:22mins | 854×480 | mp4